Thailand’s first day insurance for motorbikes. Pay only when you drive and save money with GoBike!
Go Bike
Product Features
Prod 1
GoBike protects your bike daily providing short-term coverage for your errands, perfect for riders who don’t use their bike every day.
Prod 2
Easy activation via our mobile app and our phone-holder which detects that you’re riding your bike and your day-insurance get’s activated.
Prod 3
You get charged on daily basis by storing your payment information within the app – no hassle, no paperwork, everything in one app.
Prod 4
We only charge you when you drive, no hidden costs or fees, simple and transparent.
Prod 5
Once your bike is parked you have full coverage on standby mode, so you don’t have to worry, your bike is still insured while it’s parked.
Prod 6
Insurance has never been that easy, best protection for your bike with a fair price.
This product will be available soon.
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